Women Empowerment Program

By , August 19, 2009 1:40 am
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Women Empowerment Programme

Main program under women-empowerment sector is:-

SHG Federation (Self Help Groups)

Objective: – Our main motive is to improve the social and economic status of village women. With the help of bank-loan facility, we help the village women to become self-dependent. Further, we try to make them aware of the various progress related activities in the village.

Key Focus Area: – The key groups which are focused under this project are SHG families and their relatives.

1. Formation of SHGs – A total of 47 new self help groups were formed in Masuda and Pisangan block in the year 2011-12. Presently, there are 130 fully active SHGs with a total of 1664 members. A training camp of two days for capacity building was organized for all the new SHGs.

2. One of the most important tasks for sustaining and proper functioning of the SHGs is to make bank loans available for them. This year, we were able to get loans from a number of banks including SBI and Co bank.

3. Loans from banks were used by the members of the SHGs for improving their livelihood. They use these loans for various activities as:

Animal Husbandry;
Others – Flour Mill;
Stitching work, Shops

4. The Federation is working to link the members of the SHGs with the life insurance policies of LIC, India. We have managed to provide insurance facilities to 1102 SHG members.

5. The program facilitated linkage of 18 SHG members with various government schemes. Out of theses, 8 were for widow-pension, 2
for Paalanhaar Scheme, 3 for Indira Aawaas Scheme and 5 for progress pension facility of the government.

6. With the help of FLRC program of GSVS, goats and hens were provided to the SHG members in Motipura and Bhairokhera villages, thereby helping them in enhancing their livelihood through animal husbandry.

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